ResilienX & Rudasys Aerospace Announce MOU Signing

February 20, 2023

Syracuse, NY – ResilienX, Inc. and Rudasys Aerospace are announcing plans to collaborate on bringing their combined capabilities to the Advanced Air Mobility market (AAM). The partnership will leverage ResilienX’s in-time aviation safety management system (IASMS) – FRAIHMWORK® - and Rudasys’ optical based integrated surveillance system to proactively manage safety throughout airports and vertiports – HAEMIL.

“Since we first started discussions with Rudasys last year we’ve been impressed with their depth of knowledge and technological expertise,” said Andrew Carter, CTO of ResilienX. “They have a unique technology that they are bringing to market, and our safety assurance solution is a natural compliment.”

Ryan Pleskach, CEO of ResilienX said, “This collaboration was made possible by the Starburst program. They facilitated this relationship by inviting us to attend the Korean UAM Conference in November, where we met several great companies. We’re proud to take this step with Rudasys and enjoy working with the Starburst team.”

Kim Jin-ho, CEO of Rudasys, said, “Through this collaboration, we will further one another's technological development. We hope this partnership establishes a cooperative relationship and enables both companies to expand into new markets for their respective solutions.” He also noted, “This collaboration was possible through the Starburst program, and we look forward to Starburst's continued support.”

Starburst is a global accelerator, consultant, and venture capital firm in the field of aerospace and defense. ResilienX is a Starburst portfolio company and Starburst Korea supports Rudasys under the Incheon UAM Global Challenge program. Sangdawn Kim, Director of Starburst Korea added, “I am delighted to see this MOU signing between two companies through the relationship with and support from Starburst.”

About ResilienX

ResilienX is a software company developing safety assurance solutions for highly automated and autonomous ecosystems. Their FRAIHMWORK software platform monitors the heath, integrity and performance of the systems involved in scaled BVLOS operations, enabling organizations meet the FAA's requirements around associated elements (i.e., …in-service monitoring criteria to detect out-of-compliance performance and initiate corrective action…). Founded in 2018 in Syracuse, NY, they ensure the safe integration of UAS into existing airspace systems and transforming mobility globally.

About Rudasys Aerospace

Rudasys is a software company developing an Optical-based remote air traffic control system called “HAEMIL”, which enables conventional Air Traffic Management to shift from a human dependent to Artificial Intelligent. Through HAEMIL, proactive safety management is possible by detecting abnormalities related to UAM airframe and delivering related information to various UAM stakeholders such as controllers and airframe operators. Founded in 2018 in Songdo, Incheon, they aim presenting a new level of aviation safety based on various national R&D and aviation related consulting.

About Starburst

Mission driven, Starburst’s goal is to advance technology in the Aerospace sector. We support innovation by leveraging the expertise and novel ideation found in large and small businesses, government organizations, and academic institutions. Over the last decade, Starburst has proven that this future-focused, diverse ecosystem of collaborators can bring our partners to the forefront of innovation. Connecting visionary founders in our Aerospace accelerators to our extensive network of global aviation, space, and defense leaders–fostered in our parallel consulting practice–has changed the industry.

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