Safety / Mission Assurance is our Cornerstone

Our customers, markets, and project span the globe and run the gamut from R&D to commercial and DoD deployments. Anywhere autonomy meets operations, ResilienX has a role to play.

Our markets

Where autonomy meets operations

We work across autonomy initiatives which span government, defense, state, and commercial industry. Our technology is inherently dual-use and fits well into safety or mission critical applications where there is an operations and control center.
UAS Traffic Management (UTM)
We provide IASMS capabilities to 
UTM platforms and deployments
Smart Cities
We provide the monitoring and maintenance backbone to deployed IoT infrastructure
We help translate system performance into vertiport capacity and assist with managing contingencies within a vertiport or vertiport network.
Counter UAS (CUAS)
We help maximize uptime for scaled CUAS systems and identify where performance issues could present a weakness in protection.
Airfield Autonomy
We provide the real-time data quality assurance necessary for autonomy initiatives
Drone Delivery
We monitor the drone delivery ecosystem to ensure compliance with certifications, SLAs, and safety cases and help manage contingency situations.

Our projects


ResilienX is leading the way with an industry consortium to create a digital system for AAM operations. The project intends to define and perform initial integration of an AAM Operations Center that is scalable, tactical and enables verification and validation of the various systems and sensors involved in uncrewed aerial systems, electric vertical take-off and landing operations, and other advanced aviation technologies.

NUAIR Operations Center

ResilienX is a key member of the NUAIR Alliance, and to capstone a year of growth and development in Central New York, NUAIR expanded its operations earlier in 2023 creating the NUAIR Center of Excellence headquarters at Syracuse Hancock International Airport.

FAA Security and Performance Monitoring

This project will focus on quantifying the effectiveness of various failure mode detection and mitigation strategies within a complex UAS operations environment.

DroneUp Detect and Avoid

ResilienX partnered with DroneUp, LLC, a leading autonomous drone delivery provider, to ensure resilient detect and avoid (DAA) capabilities for safe deliveries while DroneUp expands its footprint for drone delivery in the US.

NASA Civilian Commercialization Readiness Pilot Program (CCRPP)

Utah DOT Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Study

ResilienX is a subcontractor to NUAIR on a study to help the Utah Department of Transportation better understand the benefits of Advanced Air Mobility to state, the state of the industry, and what kind of investments the state should be making.

Air Traffic Low Altitude Surveillance (ATLAS)

AeroX to provide systems engineering and software support for their Air Traffic Low-Altitude Surveillance (ATLAS) urban unmanned air traffic management (UTM) system. The collaboration between the two organizations aims to lay the foundation for an innovative, next-generation capability to ensure the safety, efficiency, and reliability of drone operations in North Carolina.

Weather Sensor Data Monitoring (WSDM) and the Urban Weather Testbed

ResilienX and TruWeather Solutions collaborated under a NASA Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to further develop the Weather Sensor Data Monitoring (WSDM) Service.

Airservices Australia Flight Information Management System (FIMS) Prototype

ResilienX supported OneSky’s efforts in Australia to build a Flight Information Management System (FIMS) prototype.

NASA National Campaign

ResilienX teamed with the University of North Texas (UNT) to perform research and flight tests with NASA around Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in the Dallas-Ft. Worth region. This research was extend with a Unmanned Experts Phase II SBIR which continued the capability development and demonstration past the end of the National Campaign.

Navy eCBM

Luna Labs, in collaboration with ResilienX and Assured Information Security, is developing a Health Awareness Framework that will provide accurate, secure, and resilient health assessments of critical machinery through embedded condition monitoring.

Contingency Management Platform

ResilienX was a subcontractor on multiple projects sponsored by NASA, FAA, and the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) to develop a multi-partner system to manage contingencies arising from failure modes experienced by uncrewed ecosystems.

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