ResilienX & Spright Announce Partnership

September 6, 2022

Spright to Leverage ResilienX’s FRAIHMWORK Software for In-time System-wide Safety Assurance (ISSA)

Syracuse, NY – ResilienX, Inc. announced today that they have partnered with Spright, the drone division of Air Methods, to provide their enterprise FRAIHMWORK® solution to assist Spright with compliance around the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) requirements for monitoring Associated Elements for complex drone operations. By deploying FRAIHMWORK® to monitor, assess, and mitigate adverse or off-nominal conditions associated with their Associated Elements, Spright is poised to demonstrate industry-leading safety capabilities, enabling expanded operations.

“We’re thrilled to partner with ResilienX as we look to scale our operations worldwide. “Our safety culture is core to our business and resiliency across all elements of our operation is critical,” said Justin Steinke, Sr. Vice President of Commercial Business for Spright. “Spright is happy to be partnering with ResilienX as we execute advanced UAS operations globally.”

FRAIHMWORK (Fault Recovery and Isolation, Health Monitoring frameWORK) is a highly configurable software platform that monitors the health and integrity of Associate Elements such as the infrastructure (communications, navigation, surveillance, weather sensors, and digital infrastructure) supporting advanced drone operations. FRAIHMWORK performs data quality assurance of third-party data streams and provides maintenance tooling and metric tracking. These capabilities are crucial elements of robust safety cases for BVLOS operations which are increasingly reliant on Associate Elements for operational safety and efficiency.

“We believe safety assurance is a critical capability as UAS operations increase in complexity and automation,” said Ryan Pleskach, CEO of ResilienX. “We are extremely excited to be working with a company as forward leaning and experienced as Spright as they advance crucial UAS use cases around medical delivery and critical infrastructure inspections. Integrating FRAIHMWORK into Spright systems and operations will enable increasingly complex operations while maintaining and tracking a level of safety that the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) are comfortable with.”

Today Spright has active proof-of-concept projects in multiple locations around the United States.

About ResilienX

ResilienX is a software company developing safety assurance solutions for autonomous ecosystems. Their FRAIHMWORK software platform monitors the heath, integrity and performance of the systems involved in scaled BVLOS operations, helping organizations meet the FAA's requirements around Associated Elements (i.e. …in-service monitoring criteria to detect out-of-compliance performance and initiate corrective action…). Founded in 2018 in Syracuse, NY, they are focused on ensuring the safe integration of UAS into existing airspace systems and transforming mobility around the world.

About Spright

Spright is the drone division of Air Methods, created to help solve for many of the toughest challenges facing communities across North America. This innovative, drone-based solution is tasked with leveraging emerging aeronautical technology to create operational solutions that can be implemented locally. Based in Gilbert, AZ, Spright as a stand-alone Part 135 Operator with a leadership team that touts more than 70 years of aviation operational experience.

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